Jim & Shirl Parmentier | Ceramics

Mars Hill, NC

We have been making our pottery together for nearly 40 years. Our studio is nestled on a hillside in Mars Hill, 25 miles north of the gallery. The open studio space we work in invites the creativity into our style of work. Presently we are working on decorative work for the home and office. We work as a team in both the design and the making of the pieces. Some pieces pass back and forth and others are done individually.

All of our work is made with our own custom high fire stoneware clay. The pieces are made using both extruded coils and slabs. Each piece is then altered using various tools to get to its final shape. The hardened surface is then carved to be able to accept the ash glaze which will flow into the crevices during the firing.

Website: www.parmentierpottery.com