Jude Stuecker | Fiber

Asheville, NC

Everything I make starts as white fabric.  I dye it, print it with silkscreens from original drawings, then cut it and sew it into garments.  Each finished piece is a unique combination of dye colors, paint colors, and printed designs.  

The quilts are made in a similar process, starting with white linen.  I hand paint and screen print each piece of fabric, then cut and layer the design like a collage. Finally, the piece is appliqued and machine quilted.  

After learning how to sew from a traveling puppeteer, I started making my own clothes in high school and soon began piecing quilts.  Both have evolved along the way.  I love the versatility of fabric and the endless possibilities of surface design.  There’s always something new to explore.

Website: www.judestuecker.com